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Anti-static Floor Maintenance Tips

Jun. 22, 2019

In the computer room, anti-static floor has become a necessary item, but many people have a lot of trouble about how to maintain the anti-static floor. Today, Raised Floor Pedestal Factory will teach you how to maintain the Steel Perforated Raised Floor.

1. Keep the floor dry and clean. Do not mop the floor with a mop with dripping water, or wipe the floor with alkaline water or soapy water to avoid damaging the gloss of the paint surface. Avoid sharp objects scratching the ground and try to avoid dragging heavy furniture.

2. Pay attention to its environment: the temperature of the room with Steel Perforated Raised Floor should be controlled between 15 degrees and 35 degrees, and the humidity should be controlled at 45%-75% RH.

3. Keep the room ventilated, and it is strictly forbidden to close the doors and windows for a long time to avoid deformation of the floor. At the same time, we must also pay attention to avoid sun exposure, so as to prevent the surface paint from aging and cracking under the ultraviolet light for a long time.

Anti-Static Perforated Floor

4. If the surface of the plate is inadvertently stained, it should be removed in time. If there is oil stain, use a rag and warm water to scrub with a small amount of detergent. If it is a drug or a pigment, it must be removed before the stain penetrates into the wood surface.

5. It is recommended to place a mat at the door to prevent dust and damage to the floor. During use, personnel is prohibited from jumping directly from the height to the Anti-Static Perforated Floor. It is forbidden to operate the equipment and bruise the floor.

6. When performing maintenance on the lower floor equipment, use the suction plate to suck up the floor for operation, and it is forbidden to use the sharp device to disassemble.