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What is the Primary Goal of the Anti-Static Perforated Floor Quality Assessment?

Aug. 06, 2019

As a Raised Floor Pedestal Factory, let's share the primary goal of the Anti-Static Perforated Floor quality assessment.

(1) Quantitative wear-resistant surface paper

The amount of wear-resistant surface paper is the mass per square meter of paper. The higher the quantity, the more wear-resistant material contained in the aluminum oxide, the more resistant the anti-static floor is made, but the brightness will be reduced. The high-quality Anti-Static Perforated Floor must first use high-quality wear-resistant surface paper, otherwise, it will seriously affect the service life of the enhanced High-Performance Anti Static Raised Floor.

High Performance Anti Static Raised Floor

High Performance Anti Static Raised Floor

(2) Brightness

Brightness is another important goal to measure the quality of the wear layer. In addition to the external physical and chemical functions for the High Performance Anti Static Raised Floor, it is necessary to adhere to the clear layer of the wear layer to fully flash the beauty of the decoration layer picture. However, the aluminum oxide in the wear-resistant surface paper has an influence on the transparency of the surface paper. Therefore, it is necessary for the manufacturer to summarize the two problems of wear resistance and brightening to ensure that the anti-static floor has a natural decoration effect.