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Why is Anti-static Raised Access Floor waxed?

Oct. 16, 2019

  Any Anti-static Raised Access Floor will wear, pollute, age, etc. in long-term use. Once there is an accident, it will directly damage the floor surface. Therefore, it is necessary to wax the anti-static floor in all directions.

  There is friction and wear, there is pollution when contact and even the anti-static floor wear layer does not make people sit back and relax. Relaxing the maintenance of the anti-static floor will shorten the service life of the anti-static floor, whether it is a solid wood floor or reinforcement. The floor is also terrazzo floor, epoxy floor, stone floor, etc. In practice, waxing and maintenance work is required.

  As a Calcium Sulphate Anti-Static Floor factory, share with you why anti-static flooring is waxed.

 Anti-static Raised Access Floor

 Anti-static Raised Access Floor 

  First, the impact of ground humidity on static electricity in factory buildings, epoxy floors, and PVC workshops:

  Experiments have shown that when the relative humidity of the environment is below 50%, the static voltage of the parts sensitive to static electricity will rise sharply. Therefore, it is better to prevent the relative humidity of the access and workplaces from 60% to 70%. Static state.

  Second, the plant floor, epoxy floor, PVC workshop ground anti-static measures and precautions:

  (1) Storage and transportation of electrostatic sensitive devices such as ICs, only containers made of anti-static materials such as cardboard boxes and wooden boxes, or (and) special anti-static plastic bags or cartridges;

  (2) Employees who contact static sensitive devices such as ICs must wear anti-static wristbands and the production line will send a special person to check the anti-static wristband once a day;

  (3) Ground anti-static generation method for workshop, epoxy floor and PVC workshop:

  1 When working, do not touch a hand with an electrostatic tape

  2 The metal contact piece of the anti-static hand strap must be in close contact with the wrist!

  3 Do not stretch the static tape beyond the elastic limit (to prevent the inner conductor from breaking).

  4 When the static ring is dirty due to sweat, ash, etc., it will affect the use effect and must be cleaned frequently.

  (4) Electrostatic hand-held inspection:

  a. Using the static tester, place the RESISTANCERANCE of the static tester in the 5M ohm position and clamp the ground wire of the electrostatic hand on the ALLIGATOR; the green light indicates OK if the red light is on, the electrostatic hand pull is not good or faulty. Correct or repair in time;

  b. Test the two ends of the anti-static wrist strap with the multimeter 10K file, the resistance value should be between 1.0M~1.5M, otherwise, it should be repaired in time.

  (5) The anti-static ground wire should be separated from the ground wire of the device by 150K to 300K to avoid leakage of the device and the current is reversed to burn the device;

  (6) Anti-static requirements for floor-standing equipment: Floor-standing equipment such as SMT, wave soldering machine, assembly line, etc. should be connected directly or through a low-impedance line with the anti-static ground; the grounding line should be yellow-green;

  (7) Pipeline with automatic conveyor belt, the wire body should be connected to the anti-static grounding system, the grounding system resistance is less than 4Ω;

  (8) The automatic conveyor belt for conveying the static sensitive devices and components shall be made of antistatic material and connected to the wire the body through metal wires or electrostatic conductors such as electrostatic conductor transfer wheels;

  9 On the automatic line body, set the grounding point according to the job position, so that the operator can connect the anti-static wrist strap at any time;

  (10) Anti-static requirements of the instrument: The instruments used in the anti-static area should be placed on the anti-static mat, and the mat should be effectively grounded;

  The test instrument housing shall be connected to an antistatic or electrical protection ground;

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