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What should we pay attention to when choosing Calcium Sulfate Floor?

Sep. 20, 2019

  In the static floor industry, we all know that the materials used many years ago have been developed from particleboard to all-steel anti-static floor. This process has been developed for decades, and our company is the first to produce high-strength hard calcium sulphate and calcium silicate board. Material, using calcium sulphate board substrate to produce high-quality domestic brand flooring, the product is in the leading position in the industry, the surface uses the self-developed Calcium Sulphate Access Floor to improve the anti-static floor conductivity, and solve the international product for this product. Demand, the porcelain bricks are tested by the National Building Materials Testing Center, which does not contain radioactive elements are safe and reliable, and the porcelain movable floor the system has stable and long-lasting resistance. The hardness reaches 7 degrees Mohs and the service life is more than 60 years. It is a revolution in the anti-static floor industry to better protect the normal operation of the equipment room and maximize the service life of the anti-static floor.

Calcium Sulphate Access Floor

Calcium Sulphate Access Floor

  It is necessary to accurately calculate the total area of the anti-static floor required for the construction of the computer room and the proportion of various accessories and leave a margin to avoid waste or shortage. Fully understand the variety and quality of anti-static flooring produced by manufacturers, as well as various technical performance indicators. The technical performance of the anti-static floor mainly refers to its mechanical and electrical properties. Mechanical properties mainly consider its bearing capacity and wear resistance.

  Install the entire anti-static floor on the trussed girders. After leveling the anti-static floor, the load-carrying capacity should reach a uniform load greater than 1000kg/m2. The concentrated load on any part of the anti-static floor should be greater than 300kg. When the load of 300 kg is loaded at a loading point of 6 cm, the amount of deflection should be less than 2 mm, and there is no permanent deformation. The adjustable support should be able to withstand a vertical load of more than 1000kg, and the board surface should have a certain degree of abrasion resistance. Electrical properties are mainly system resistance, electrostatic voltage, and surface resistance. The system resistance should be 105Ω-108Ω. When the temperature is 21±1.5°C and the relative humidity is 30%, the electrostatic voltage of the anti-static floor should be lower than 2500V and surface resistance should be 105Ω-109Ω. The load of the anti-static floor should be determined based on the weight of the heaviest equipment in all equipment in the equipment room. This can prevent some equipment from being overweight and causing permanent deformation or damage to the floor.

  Calcium Sulphate Floor Panel is subject to small changes due to environmental conditions. That is to say, the external environment temperature is too high or too low, and the anti-static floor expands and expands, and cannot be removed and replaced; when the temperature is low, the anti-static floor shrinks and produces a loose feeling. The amount of shrinkage of the anti-static floor affected by the environment should be less than 0.5mm, and the deflection of the board surface should be less than 0.25mm. The surface of the anti-static floor should be resistant to pollution, non-reflective and easy to clean.

  The safe and reliable computer room is a highly functional place. The important purpose of the computer room construction is to safely and reliably operate the equipment in the equipment room. Therefore, the equipment room floor must be designed safely in the decoration project, including power distribution, lightning protection, and calcium sulfate. The calcium silicate electrostatic floor grounding and fire protection system design should ensure the high-level safety requirements of the equipment room. Creating a good working environment The design of the computer room meets the requirements of the machine room and fire protection specifications to ensure safe and reliable operation. The design of the machine room should also take into account the beautiful appearance of the machine room, the style is fresh, meet the actual work needs, and is convenient to use. Provide a good working environment.

  Our company has a complete Calcium Sulphate Raised Access Floor System, welcome to come and buy.