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How to Choose HPL Anti-static Floor and PVC Anti-static Floor?

Jun. 26, 2019

As an Aluminum Access Floor Pedestal Factory, let's talk about how to choose HPL anti-static flooring and PVC anti-static flooring.

These two anti-static floors are widely used in program-controlled computer rooms, computer rooms, control rooms, laboratories, electric classrooms, microelectronics production, and installation workshops, pipelines are concentrated, anti-static requirements, and can also be used for intelligent office Buildings, banks, post and telecommunications, power dispatching and other places.

Due to the difference in the materials of the two anti-static floor materials, the characteristics of the products are different. The PVC Calcium Sulphate Panel is flexible, and it has a soft feeling and a comfortable foot. The HPL anti-static floor is slightly harder and has a high wear resistance due to the characteristics of the melamine resin.

HPL 1.2 Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor

HPL 1.2 Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor is recommended if the floor is often where people are moving or where the equipment is moving. Because the HPL anti-static floor has superior wear resistance, it has the characteristics of dustproof and fireproof. The long-term use of the floor will not scratch or wear. If only a few people walk around and the equipment is not fixed (such as the communication room), it is recommended to use PVC anti-static floor, which is characterized by comfortable foot, decorative, dirty, dustproof and fireproof.