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Cleaning and Maintenance of the Anti-static Floor

May. 04, 2019

The anti-static floor needs regular cleaning after a period of use, and care should be taken during maintenance. Raised Access Floors Supplier to explain to everyone.

The frequency of cleaning is generally 6 months, and the number of cleanings can be increased depending on the environment.


1. Anti-static floor cleaning, first use sanding machine to clean the floor with waxing water, then clean the floor with a neutral detergent.

2. After cleaning with water, quickly drain the floor.

3. After the floor is completely dry, evenly apply antistatic special electrostatic wax water.

4. The floor can be used after 8 hours of waxing.

Raised Floor Perforated Panel


1. Avoid sharp and rough weights on the surface of the Steel Air Flow Perforated Panel. Avoid wearing nailed shoes on the floor and keep the floor surface smooth and flat.

2. Avoid placing chairs and other items with black rubber underlays on the floor. To prevent black sulfide from contaminating the floor.

3. The surface of the board will be contaminated by adhesives, rubber wheels, paint, pyrotechnics, etc., so be careful. If there is oily dirt on the surface of the floor, it can be scrubbed with decontamination and central detergent. If the surface of the part is scratched and rubbed, it can be sanded with fine water sandpaper.

4. The Raised Floor Perforated Panel will change color and deform under the long-term illumination of the sun. At the same time, it will be deformed under long-term heating conditions, so a shading screen should be provided.

5. The floor should be kept dry and should not be soaked in water for a long time, causing the floor to be degummed.