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Construction Of The Raised Floor System

May. 15, 2019

The overhead space formed between the Raised Floor System and the ground floor or floor can not only meet the needs of laying criss-cross cables and various pipelines, but also design vents in some parts of the raised floor to meet the static Air requirements such as pressure air supply. As a Raised Access Floor Panel Factory, let's introduce the structure of the Raised Floor System.

The Raised Floor System consists of adjustable brackets, purlins and panels. The brackets are generally made of metal, aluminum alloy, steel rod, cast iron or high quality steel. The cross bar has angle steel, zinc plate, high quality cold rolled steel plate and the like. The bottom surface of the panel is made of aluminum alloy plate, the middle is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic into hollow sandwich, the surface is made of anti-static plastic veneer made of polyester tree with antistatic agent and filler; the surface of cast aluminum alloy is soft plastic; flat pressed particle board double-sided stickers Melamine formaldehyde resin decorative board; or double-sided plastic shaving plywood. The Raised Floor System is sealed with a conductive coating, except that the gasket is made of conductive rubber strips and the conductive parts are used for the joints.

Raised Floor System