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Influence of Inferior Wear-resistant Surface Layer on the Quality of Anti-static Floor

Aug. 24, 2019

Constrained by production technology, capital, equipment, and management experience, there are still low-quality wear-resistant surface paper products on the market. The anti-static floor produced by this surface paper is far from high-quality products in terms of the stability of wear resistance and the clarity of the product. Raised Floor Steel Perforated Panel Factory believes that the main aspects are as follows:

(1) The great difference in wear resistance

The uneven distribution of the alumina particles in the wear-resistant layer may result in different degrees of wear resistance of the different parts of the anti-static floor, and some of the orientations are quickly worn out and cannot really reach the demand. It is reflected that some of the strengthened anti-static floors have different degrees of wear after being laid for half a year or one year. These products use a low-quantity wear-resistant surface paper, or even a surface layer of alumina-free paper, which greatly reduces the service life of the Calcium Sulphate Raised Access Floor System.

Anti-Static Perforated Floor

Anti-Static Perforated Floor

(2) The poor wear resistance of the wear layer

The poor transparency of the wear-resistant layer makes the appearance of the dark wood grain Anti-Static Perforated Floor white, which can not clearly clarify the picture of the flashing decoration layer, which greatly affects the decoration effect.