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Is The Anti-Static raised access Floor Easy To Use?

Nov. 19, 2019

The Calcium Sulphate Anti-Static Floor Factory shares the advantages and disadvantages of various anti-static floors.

 Steel Perforated Raised Floor

The anti-static floor

Its advantages: Anti-static floor is stable, green environmental protection, wear performance is high, anti-aging, Service life is long (above 30 years), brilliantly fireproof, facilitate cleanness, bibulous rate is lower, Strong acid and alkali resistance.

Its  disadvantages: The production process is more complicated, the raw material price is higher, resulting in fewer manufacturers and higher prices.

PVC anti-static floor

Its advantages : outstanding anti-static performance, lightweighted, quick installation.

Its Disadvantages: Floor is prone to aging.

Ceramic anti-static floor

Its advantages: Anti-static performance is very remarkable, green environmental protection, fireproof, waterproof, wear-resisting performance is superior , Service life is long (above 30 years), excellent wear capacity simultaneously, artistic adornment and neat wait for an advantage.

Its Disadvantages: Ceramic anti-static floor is heavy due to its raw materials, therefore results in weighter floor. It has rigid requirements for the load-bearing of the floor in the place of use and requires higher installation skills.

Whole steel anti-static floor

The advantages: convenient construction, strong carrying capacity, no gap between the floors after installation, easy for maintenance, easy to clean and replace.

Disadvantages: All steel floors are prone to skin warping, poor wear resistance, short service life and high replacement frequency.

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