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Main Classification Of Anti-static Floor

Apr. 30, 2019

As a Raised Access Floor Panel Factory, let's share some of the main types of anti-static flooring.

The first type is a three-proof anti-static raised floor. This kind of floor is made of materials that can be fireproof and waterproof. It has excellent waterproof and moisture resistance, and has excellent bearing capacity, which is very suitable for large and medium-sized machine rooms.

The second type is all-steel anti-static raised floor. This kind of floor is made of high-quality steel plate by stamping and welding. It is made of high-strength lightweight material. It has good strength, not only waterproof, fireproof and moisture-proof, but also has good pressure resistance. It is a must-have for large computer rooms.

The third type is an antistatic ceramic tile. On the basis of the preparation process of the ordinary ceramic tile, an antistatic functional powder is incorporated into the green body and the glaze layer. The ceramic tile has a stable resistance value between 1.0x106 and 1.0x109. And the construction is convenient, no need to lay copper strips. Currently very popular in the market.

The fourth type is a composite anti-static floor. The floor is made of wood particle board. It is light in weight, cheap in price, low in fire and moisture resistance, and suitable for use in small and medium-sized computer rooms.

Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor

The fifth type is aluminum alloy anti-static floor. This floor is made of aluminum alloy material after mechanical processing. It has high strength, excellent fireproof and waterproof performance, and the board base has recycling value. It is widely used in the power industry.

The sixth type is imitation imported wooden anti-static floor. This floor is made according to the imported floor. It has beautiful appearance and excellent performance and is suitable for all kinds of machine rooms.

The seventh type is PVC Calcium Sulphate Panel, which is made of PVC resin and processed by special processing technology. The PVC particle interface forms a static electricity network and has permanent anti-static function. It looks like marble and has a good decorative effect. Applicable to telecommunications, electronics industry program-controlled computer room, computer room, clean factory and other areas requiring purification and anti-static.

The eighth is the Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor, which uses non-toxic, unbleached plant fibers as a reinforcing material, combined with solidified calcium sulfate crystals, and is produced by a pulse pressing process. Because of its environmental protection, fire prevention, high strength and leveling, Starlight has become the most widely used material in the raised floor family. In addition, the price of anti-static floor is also very favorable, it is worth having.