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Precautions For Anti-Static Floor In Winter

Nov. 28, 2019

Anti-static floor is a kind of floor that can let charge dissipate, make electrostatic dissipate, use this kind of floor to be able to make the normal operation such as laboratory, machine room is not affected. Next Calcium Sulphate Anti-Static Floor factory introduces the attention of anti-static floor to you.

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1. Pay attention to the use environment: the temperature of the room with anti-static floor should be controlled at 15 ℃ - 35 ℃ and the humidity should be controlled at 45% - 75% RH;

2. Daily maintenance details:

Prohibit the use of sharp appliances directly in the anti-static floor surface construction operation, prevent damage to the surface of the anti-static performance and aesthetic degree;

It is forbidden for people to jump directly from the height to the floor, and forbid rough handling when hauling the floor, and damage the floor;

When moving the equipment on the floor, it is forbidden to push the equipment on the floor to prevent scratching the floor. The correct way is to lift the equipment for handling;

Do not place heavy equipment in the machine room directly on the antistatic floor. This will easily cause the floor to deform due to long-term load. The correct method is to place heavy equipment on the ground base.

3. In use ten million cannot soak the floor with water, if have an accident, answer to use dry mop to mop the floor in time.

4. Keep the floor dry and clean, if the surface of the floor has dirt, use the damp mop that does not drop water commonly to wipe dry can.

5. A mat should be placed in front of the door to reduce the abrasion of sand on the floor.

6. Remove spots and stains with a special floor cleaner. Do not use items with damaging properties, such as metal tools, nylon rubbing pads and bleaching powder.

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