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Reasons for Cracking of the Anti-static Floor

Jul. 18, 2019

For some computer room office projects, in order to properly arrange the wire and cable, etc., usually choose an anti-static floor or network floor, in addition to meeting the relevant requirements, it is also worth noting that the floor often cracks. Seriously affecting the overall quality, there will be certain harm. So what causes the floor to crack? Next, let's take a look at the cracking of the floor with Calcium Sulphate Anti-Static Floor Factory.

The main reason for floor cracking is that its quality does not meet the standard. Because in areas where the climate is too dry, the environmental humidity in the equipment room often does not meet the environmental norms, it is easy to cause some inferior melamine to shorten the shell, showing the appearance of cracking, and there will be very serious consequences. Moreover, because the humidity does not reach the specification, the static electricity in the equipment room will not be released, which will cause problems, equipment, etc., which may cause a fire even if it is severe.

Wood Core Raised Floor with Modular Pedestal System

The second reason is due to the different characteristics of the regions. Depending on the climate, it is best to choose an anti-static floor with different materials.

The third reason is that the humidity inside the equipment room failed to meet the prescribed standards. When laying the network floor, we must ensure that the ambient temperature inside the machine room and the humidity of the environment meet the specifications.

Many people are using the Wood Core Raised Floor with Modular Pedestal System. Although they are adapted in many environments, there are still some minor problems. This requires manufacturers to strictly control the quality of the products. Better product quality can perfectly cope with a series of problems that will occur on the floor.