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The Advantages Of Anti-static Floor

May. 08, 2019

As an Aluminum Access Floor Pedestal Factory, let's take a look at the advantages of anti-static flooring.

1. Anti-static

As a ceramic anti-static floor, it is known that its anti-static properties are its main properties, and the floor system's electrical resistance has a relatively high stability and durability.

2. Pollution resistance

The porcelain tile surface is made to improve the raw material formula of the product, reduce pores and reduce the pore size of the small pores, and apply a special coating on the surface of the brick to make the sewage juice difficult to penetrate into the interior.

Steel Perforated Access Floor

3. No radiation Unlike other anti-static flooring, it has been proved by relevant scientific experiments that this type of floor does not contain any radioactive elements. It is healthy and will not cause trouble to the human body.

4. Strong decorative

Decoration is one of the most important factors of the floor. The Steel Perforated Access Floor has quite a lot of colors. Compared with the single color of the ordinary machine room floor, the decorative uniqueness is more attractive to consumers.

5. Anti-aging

Steel Perforated Access Floor flooring is of excellent quality with a hardness of 7 degrees Mohs and a long service life.