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Which Anti-static Floor is The Most Durable?

Jul. 08, 2019

With the widespread use of anti-static flooring, the choice of anti-static flooring is also becoming more and more important. Many people consider the anti-static floor most durable when using the anti-static floor, the longest life, which is the most wear-resistant? Now, the Aluminum Access Floor Pedestal Factory takes everyone to compare and see which anti-static floor has the longest durability and longest wear life.

Commonly used anti-static flooring has all-steel anti-static floor series, composite anti-static floor series, aluminum alloy anti-static floor series.

The price of the former two is close to the mass market, and the price of the aluminum anti-static floor is much higher, but the quality of the series is the best and the service life is the longest. For the replacement of aluminum alloy flooring, there is also a recycling demand on the market.

All steel anti-static floor series, according to different veneers, are divided into all-steel HPL anti-static floor, all-steel PVC anti-static floor, all-steel anti-static ceramic tile electric floor, among which ceramic anti-static floor is generally used in some high-grade places. The price is slightly more expensive than the other two. Because its veneer is a whole piece of ceramic floor, the relative wear resistance is far more than HPL and PVC, but the disadvantages are also: comparing the other two veneers On the floor, if a heavy object falls off instantly, the surface will crack.

Calcium Sulphate Access Floor

The composite anti-static floor is divided into Calcium Sulphate Access Floor and high-density wood-based anti-static floor according to different substrates. It is mainly used in the large computer room, communication center computer room, various electrical control room, post, and telecommunications hub and command center. Because the veneer is also made of HPL and PVC, the wear resistance is similar to that of the all-steel anti-static floor, but the price is slightly more expensive than the all-steel floor.

From the above analysis, the most durable anti-static floor is undoubtedly the Aluminum Perforated Raised Floor, but its high price, which makes it less common engineering choice. In other comprehensive terms, the all-steel anti-static ceramic tile electric floor is the most durable and wear-resistant, the longest service life, and the overall installation effect is also quite high-end, so its cost performance is also the highest!