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Why Is Anti-static Flooring The First Choice?

Jun. 19, 2019

The so-called anti-static floor, which is often said to dissipate the static floor. I believe many people have heard that this kind of floor can dissipate the charge when it is grounded and connected to a relatively low potential object. It sounds amazing! As a Calcium Sulphate Anti-Static Floor Factory, let us introduce it to you.

Anti-static floors are available in different fire ratings, all of which require certain fire protection standards. In addition, the height of the floor has to be changed with specific usage requirements. The advantage of using an anti-static floor is that it has a detachable function and the manufacturing accuracy is quite high. The sealing of the floor space can be well guaranteed.

Anti-static Raised Access Floor

The Anti-Static Air Flow Panel is used in a wide range of applications, including computer rooms, laboratories, and surveillance rooms. The use of such a floor can well prevent the generation of static electricity in the movement of the human body in the room. If the anti-static floor is installed indoors, it should be on the cement floor that has been leveled, which can reduce the difficulty of the ground practice.

The surface of the floor should be wear-resistant and not slippery so that the surface will have a better anti-sanding effect. After the Anti-static Raised Access Floor is installed, a certain grounding treatment is required to make the floor better anti-static. Some static problems are difficult for hardware personnel to detect. Sometimes hardware personnel mistakenly think that the software has failed. This can easily lead to confusion in the work.